As a charity which believes in allowing individuals to develop their true potential, we provide support and counselling for each resident, designed to help them to deal with the complex and often interlinked issues that has caused them to be in crisis. We focus on enabling the individual to develop the skills necessary to live independently, alongside tackling their own specific issues and challenges (for example, alcohol or substance misuse, mental ill-health, debt advice, money management and budgeting). Your donations enable us to be able to provide this 1:1 support to individuals who are in need.

Money that is donated to HOPE is spent on frontline charitable activities. Over 99p of each £1 you donate goes directly on those who are homeless. That is far greater than that recommended by the Charities Commission, but demonstrates our commitment and focus.

Overall, we receive around 50% of our funding for rent of our Emergency Accommodation Hostel & move-on properties (38 units), primarily through Housing Benefit.

Budget breakdown

At HOPE we heavily rely on the generosity of the general public and local organisations for support, as, without this support we wouldn’t be able to do the work which we do. We receive amazing support in the form of donations, whether this is food, clothing, sleeping bags, household items for resettlement or money. We value each and every single donation and donor.

Future plans for HOPE

There is now less funding accessible to charities for project work. This makes accessing funding more challenging now than ever before. More and more charities are competing for funding to allow them to develop and provide necessary services to individuals.

Homelessness in Bassetlaw (and all of the UK) is steadily rising, and more people are presenting themselves at HOPE’s door for a bed. As a charity we believe in long term support, and therefore we are now increasing our number of supported move-on accommodation properties, which is the main route for residents to progress back towards independence and a place of their own. 

You can also get further information on us on the Charities Commission website. The site provides all of our audited accounts and charitable spending.