Nechita is Romanian and arrived in the UK in September 2016. After experiencing issues with the travelling community, he had to flee his home in Derby, and came to Hope House for support. 

Back in Romania, Nechita was a qualified electrician but had worked a number of part-time, low paid jobs since travelling to the UK. He was keen to get into a stable job, but had no National Insurance Number, a requirement for employment in the UK. 

Support workers at Hope worked with Nechita to apply for Housing Benefit and travel to Nottingham, where he was able to apply for a National Insurance Number. To improve his language skills, Nechita was supported to enrol himself in an ESOL course, which he loved. He then managed to secure employment at Greencore, and eventually move into privately rented accommodation. 

Nechita would have ended up sleeping rough if Hope hadn't provided crucial support and guidance to settle down to life in the UK. He now has a home, a job and a bright future.