Adam was 28 years of age when he came to HOPE in 2014.  After leaving prison, he began rough sleeping, between odd nights snatched with friends, he turned to alcohol and drugs (including; Black Mamba, Amphetamines and Methadone) as a coping mechanism to get through the nights.

When Adam came to HOPE, he recognised he needed to change and end his substance misuse.  We arranged for him to go to the “Lighthouse” in Rotherham – a short-term accommodation, which provides care and support within a safe, secure and structured environment, a dedicated team of staff and volunteers guide a rehabilitation programme, to overcome addiction.

Sadly in 2015, Adam became homeless once again and turned back to drugs.  He came back to HOPE and worked with his dedicated Support Worker to attend rehabilitation again.  Adam entered “The Carpenters Arms” – an intensive and extended detoxification programme, in late 2015.  He remained for around 8 months, completely changing his behaviour and became entirely “clean”.

At this point, Adam discovered his faith and realised that; “God was the answer for me, he helped me get away from my addiction, and he got me through the withdrawal stages.  I would pray every morning.  I now want to inspire others to break their own addictions.”  Adam explained that his experience of mind altering drugs, especially the highly dangerous (“legal Highs” / “new psychotic substances”) Black Mamba; “gave me such intense paranoia, it is frightening” he stated.

Since completing his rehabilitation, Adam has now been clean from drugs for over a year.  He has got his life back, he says; “I couldn’t have done it and turned my life around, if it wasn’t for my belief in God, but also the help & support of The Carpenters Arms”.

Adam is now a part of the “Teen Challenge Leadership Academy”, where he attends Bible classes each day.  He is now helping those who are in the position he was – he’s involved in an Outreach Team across various districts in Nottinghamshire, distributing hot meals and drinks to those who are homeless and sleeping rough.

As well as this, Adam has returned to “Lighthouse” in Rotherham as an Intern Support Worker, over the 2016 Christmas Period, helping others battle their addictions and issues – the place where Adam himself had been before.