As a result of coronavirus, we have seen a huge increase in people coming forward to Hope House for emergency shelter. There are more homeless people than ever that need support, so we are increasing capacity from 14 beds to 22- we need your help to do this.                              

Please donate now to help us buy beds for 8 new homeless people who have nowhere else to go during coronavirus. Your donations will also go towards buying pillows, sheets, duvets and bedding to ensure we can keep new people safe and well. 

If we cannot increase our capacity at Hope House, we may be forced to start turning people away. This is out of the question.   

Please donate now to ensure no homeless person has to be turned away.

£3 will buy a homeless person a pillow.  

£8 will buy a set of sheets.   

£24 will buy a duvet and bedding.

£55 will buy a homeless person a mattress.

£75 will buy a homeless person a bed.    

We are working to government guidelines to ensure we are able to house people safely during coronavirus. Unfortunately, we cannot accept donated beds, mattresses or bedding at this time due to infection control- please consider making a cash donation instead. 

We are grateful to all our supporters for their help throughout this crisis- we need you more than ever to promote our work, donate where you can and spread the word to your colleagues, friends and wider networks. Even the smallest donation will go a huge way in ensuring we can look after 8 new homeless people.

Thank you for all your support.