Susan's Case Study

At school Sue was called hurtful names, and was being bullied. “This really affected me from a very young age.” she said. Read more

Kevin's Case Study

Kevin (not his real name) came to HOPE when he lost his tenancy due to a relationship breakdown in mid-2015. Read more

Adam's Case Study

Adam was 28 years of age when he came to HOPE in 2014. After leaving prison, he began rough sleeping Read more

Andy Case Study

Andy came to HOPE Community Services’ Hostel on the 3rd April 2018. He was homeless and sleeping rough, due to a relationship breakdown. Read more

Wayne's Case Study

Wayne is a 34 year old originally from Worksop. Wayne was kicked out of his childhood home at the young age of 17. Read more

Diane's Case Study

Here you can listen and watch Diane's story. Read more

Tahlia's Case Study

Aged just 18, Tahlia came to HOPE as she had nowhere to live. Read more

Tom's case study

A man who I shall call Tom came to Hope for support as he is homeless and living in his car. Read more