Kevin (not his real name) came to HOPE when he lost his tenancy due to a relationship breakdown in mid-2015.

The support he received from Hope was especially important because it enabled him to find somewhere immediately, rather than having to sleep rough on the streets.  From our Hostel, he was then supported to progress into a place of his own within a few weeks, something impossible without that initial step.

As a young person, HOPE understood that had he been rough sleeping, he would be at a much higher risk of harm.  It is widely acknowledged that because of his youth, he was more likely to turn to drugs and alcohol, as a mechanism to cope with being on the street.  He would be frightened and vulnerable, at risk of being influenced to simply “get through the night”.  Very quickly, this can become dependency and which then can impact on later life.  But, with the intervention of our Support Team, that was a hurdle he did not have to face.

By September 2015, Kevin was resettled into “Martin House”, HOPE’s purpose built move-on accommodation in Hodthorpe, north Derbyshire.  He now had his own one bedroom flat, with separate kitchen and living room – somewhere he could call home again.

Kevin was keen to get on, he wanted to get back into work (something virtually impossible when living rough), and off of benefits – he felt that was necessary for his self-esteem and for any sort of future.  He began to volunteer with HOPE’s Furniture Project, to gain experience and get “work ready”.  He needed to be able to demonstrate to any potential employer that he would be reliable and someone to take a chance on.  Personally, he benefited from the process; he no longer felt isolated and lonely, his mental health was much better – he was much more positive in his outlook and how he behaved.

During 2017, Kevin was able to access an initiative funded through the Rotary Club of Retford – financial support to help those who have been homeless and are in need of short-term financial help – an Emergency Loan.  He needed to get a new Birth Certificate (his original had been lost when he had been evicted) to demonstrate who he was to prospective employers, plus Bus Fare’s to get to prospective employers for Job Interviews.  HOPE’s team helped with CV guidance, to understand the recruitment process and through mock interviews.

By October Kevin had a job, he was ecstatic to be offered a paid role with a local food factory.  This further improved his outlook as employment had been his main goal to get his life back on track.  He was more confident and able to socialise with people on an equal basis, rather than feeling a burden and less of an individual.

Kevin is now looking at taking the next step – moving on from HOPE, to a home free from support where he will be truly on his own two feet.