By now, many of us have become aware of the effect coronavirus is having on the most vulnerable members of our society. Families are facing eviction due to parents losing their jobs and missing rental payments. Rough sleepers are at risk of dying, unable to self-isolate or undertake basic hygiene. Women are fleeing domestic violence that has worsened during lockdown. All these people are homeless, more vulnerable than ever, and it's becoming increasingly challenging to support them. 

The coronavirus pandemic has left many of us feeling powerless. When the problem feels so big, we don't know where to start with what can be done to help. However, we want you to know that it's the little things you can do to help that can make the biggest change in a homeless person's life. 

To give you some ideas on the little ways you can make a huge difference, read below: 

1. Donate hand sanitiser

If you see a rough sleeper but you’re worried about donating change you’ve touched, donate hand sanitiser. It costs a few pounds and will help that person stay safe and clean. You can also tell us about any rough sleepers you see by ringing our emergency hotline 01909 489990.

2. Donate the cost of a meal deal

If you’re working from home, why not donate the cost of your daily meal deal? £3 will help us feed 3 homeless people for a day- you can donate here


3. Buy a charity cookie

The Cake Worx is currently baking charity cookies and donating all the profits to us. By buying a cookie, you’ll be helping local homeless people and also supporting a small local business! Win win. Buy here.


4. Buy a newly homeless person some toiletries  

Unfortunately, we’ve seen an increase of newly homeless people coming forward to seek emergency shelter. These people often have very little and we need your support to help us look after them- a couple of pounds will buy essential toiletries and underwear. You can donate via our Amazon Wishlist here.


5. Share our work on social media

If you can’t afford to donate anything, you can help out by sharing our work on social media. It’s really important we can spread our messages to as many people as possible- you can start by sharing this blog piece!


Thank you for all your support and stay safe.