On Saturday the 2nd of June Hope Community Services Development Worker Emma did a 160ft bungee jump in order to raise vital funds for HOPE.  Emma did her thrilling jump from Magna @ The Abyss in Rotherham. Emma's colleague Joanne was there in full support,  along with Emma's mum, ready to film the experience. There was a lot of safety checks and paperwork to complete before Emma could do her jump for charity.

Emma said " I remember thinking right, what can I do this year to raise money for charity, and that's when someone said, what about a bungee jump? The whole experience was absolutely terrifying!  I did a 15,000ft skydive in 2015 and I thought that,  that was bad enough. However, this was ten times worse,  all you have is a strap around your ankles (I had a safety harness around my hips just incase). The walk up the grueling metal steps took 10 minutes to reach the ceiling,  where I then had to crawl to reach the jumping instructor.  On the way up the stairs I did stop a couple of times to compose myself, and will embarrassingly admit that I did cry....a lot! The instructor however was amazing at calming me down, explaining all of the equipment and the jumping process from start to finish. 160ft once you're on the ceiling is much higher than you could imagine. The drop itself was surreal, you plummet so fast towards the ground without nothing around you, and for a split second you feel like you're falling to your death.  I just want to say a massive thank you to everyone who has taken the time to sponsor me.I have managed to raise £300 in donations, as well as £49 in gift-aid, which is amazing. HOPE will be very grateful for the donations and support."

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