Your donations make a difference

Your donations help transform the lives of homeless people living in Nottinghamshire. They ensure that we can continue to provide a safe space for people without a home and help them end their cycle of homelessness for good. 

Thank you for every donation- we could not do the work we do without your generosity and support. 

  • £5 a month will ensure a homeless person can eat a hot meal every day.
  • £10 a month will sponsor the cost of a room for a homeless person, couple or family.
  • £25 a month will support a homeless person to access mental health support and counselling. 
  • £50 a month helps us run Hope House, ensuring we can provide a safe space for 22 homeless people. 

If you are unable to make a cash donation but would like to donate items, please head over to our 'Donate items' page here