Across the UK, members of the public have been told to stay at home, remain socially distanced, and self-isolate. For homeless people across Bassetlaw, this is not an option. 

The effects of Coronavirus have placed enormous strain on people across the UK, but homeless people have been hit particularly hard by the crisis. They have been left stranded during lockdown, with nowhere safe to live and at risk of sleeping on the streets. Many of our clients have long-term health conditions- if they contract Coronavirus, they may die. You can read more about how Coronavirus is impacting homeless people here. 

We run Nottinghamshire's only 24/7 emergency hostel, Hope House. With more people at risk of homelessness than ever, it is absolutely vital that we can keep our doors open to ensure that anyone can access emergency accommodation when they most need it. We are committed to protecting homeless people throughout the pandemic and beyond- your donations can help us achieve this. 

Please donate now to help us keep vulnerable homeless people safe. 

£3 will feed 3 homeless people for a day. 

£8 will buy essential toiletries for 1 newly homeless person. 

£50 will buy PPE to keep our staff and clients safe. 

£100 will provide beds for 5 homeless people.  

We rely on the generosity of the public to ensure we can continue to run our services. Your donations will ensure we can keep Hope House running throughout the coronavirus outbreak and beyond, providing a safe, clean space homeless people can stay. 

We are grateful for the help of all our supporters through this crisis. We need our supporters to stay connected with us, invest in our work as generously as you’re able, and, more than ever before, to spread the word – to your colleagues, friends and wider networks. Please believe it, your support and every action you take for us will make a difference.

Thank you for all your support.