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What people have said about our service:

I came to HOPE directly from Hospital because I had nowhere else to go.  All the other agencies, including mental health services, had offered me nothing.  I am now more confident and feel that HOPE has helped me to re-establish my life and make me feel more normal again – If it wasn’t for HOPE, I would be dead!    “S”

I have been to HOPE before, and their supported housing for a relationship with my then partner.  But, when this relationship failed I had nowhere to go.  If I wasn’t here, I would still be on the streets – I’d be f****d and probably dead.  “N”

I came from Mansfield, there was nowhere else. I was trying to get my life back on track but kept hitting brick walls. I was lost and confused until I came to HOPE.  Now I feel far more optimistic about my future.  “A”

I’ve been a regular visitor to HOPE over a long period.  As a young lad on the streets, its hard to keep out of trouble, its tough to get by. If it wasn’t for HOPE, I would have no place to sleep and would probably have starved on the streets.  “A”

When I first came to HOPE, I thought it was the end of the road for me – I could not have sunk any lower.  But, they helped rebuild by confidence and helped me structure my life.  I now have live in my own flat and I am getting there, again – In a nut shell they probably saved my life.    “S”

Some Client Thoughts…..

When I was homeless I turned to alcohol, then I was told about HOPE.  I was allocated a brilliant key worker who helped me to become a controlled drinker.  I now do some voluntary work in the Warehouse, where staff have helped me understand that there is more to life than drink.  Joe

I don’t know what I would do without HOPE, I couldn’t cope on the streets, homeless.  I now live in my own place, and am able to cope with day to day basic stuff, with their support.  Clint

After I lost my job, my marriage broke up and I was homeless, I began to drink and do some stuff.  HOPE welcomed me, they didn’t judge me.  They supported me to see a future, and I’m now back on my feet, a new home, a job and a new partner. If they hadn’t, I would be dead by now.  Neil

I was in Bassetlaw General with mental health problems, I had nowhere to go, HOPE took me in and helped me to begin to recover. Dan

When my Mam & Dad died suddenly, I had to move out.  I had nowhere to go and nothing, no help.  I went to HOPE, they were there for me straight away, I got a bed & support to start again.  I now have a new life.  Jane

On December 15th, I was found asleep on the then frozen canal in Retford, I was deeply depressed and suicidal.  I was referred to HOPE and my first thoughts were fear and distrust of these new people.  I was soon put at my ease and now recognise that HOPE saved my life.  I am now in treatment for my mental health and staff have moved me to more permanent accommodation.  I will be eternally
grateful.  Simon

After leaving the Army, I became depressed, turned to drink and got into loads of bother.  I lost everything, but HOPE were there to help, they were brilliant.  John

I was in prison again, and because of what I’d done before no-one would listen, nobody would help.  HOPE took a chance and helped me – they gave me a bed when I was released.  It was the start of a long journey, I’m not their yet, but without HOPE, I would be back in nick, again.  Mark