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Steven’s Case Study

“Steven”  31

Steven (not his real name), is a 31 year old who has lived in Nottinghamshire all his life.  He had a traumatic childhood beginning with Ataxia (a stroke and heart attack while still in his mother’s womb), which left him with some disabilities, including; hearing loss and resultant speech difficulties, memory issues and motor control problems.  These multiple obstructions were aided through hospital as his main home for many years, to support him in his early life.

But, like most young adults Steven liked to be independent but, at 24 and after some problems with his stepfather, he moved out and into his own place – supported accommodation where he lived for just over a year.  Unfortunately, in 2009 Steven found himself homeless when the flats in Ollerton in which he was staying were condemned for demolition. This difficult situation was compounded when the landlord only gave the tenants 28 days notice to vacate. It was at this point, with no other option, that Steven first came to HOPE and, in November 2009 he began what was a 12 month stay in our Hostel.

Steven’s life was picking up, he met a lady friend through another hostel resident, and for the next 2 years they lived together.  Unfortunately, that relationship broke-down in late 2012, when he returned to HOPE’s Hostel.  After a couple of weeks, he decided to move to Nottingham to live near a family member.  Steven really tried to fit in with the family and the area but, he was not happy and could not settle.  After a couple of months, he decided to return to Worksop and back to Hope House, were things were much more familiar and he felt secure and safe.

After 8 months, Steven decided it was time to get his own place again, but in the local area this time, and moved into a shared house, into which he has settled well.  There have been ups and downs with some of his neighbours but with HOPE’s outreach support, that now seems to have resolved itself.

Steven is now regularly volunteering with HOPE and really enjoying his freedom.  Although he would like to get paid work, it is unlikely that he could do a full-time job.  His physical abilities allow him to do things productively when fit and well, but this can be separated by regular bouts of illness when he is unable to leave the house – it can be without notice and be totally debilitating for days at a time – not something most employers would be receptive to.

Steven would like a Laptop, to be able to keep in contact with his family, and use specialist educational programmes to aid his communication and understanding (including; speech therapy, improved elocution, better literacy & numeracy), all of which will help improve his memory and mental capability, and greatly improve his quality of life.