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‘Ian’  Case Study

‘Ian’ Case Study

“Ian’s” Success Case Study




(Ian has allowed for us to use his real name)

Ian came to Hope because he had been sleeping on the streets for over a week. He could not stay with his family as they had no room so had nowhere else to turn.

Ian has split-up with his wife which is the reason he ended up on the streets. He had been married for over a year however the relationship broke down and had to leave the family home.

Ian stayed at Hope’s Hostel for several months, where he developed new friendships and his self-confidence improved greatly.  During his time in the Hostel, he greatly developed his independent living skills through volunteering, and helped with cooking, cleaning and gardening, and even painting areas of the building.
This not only helped Ian make meaningful use of his time, but also to focus on positives – what he could do rather than what he could not.

Eventually, Ian moved on into low support accommodation and now feels much more settled.  He has successfully maintained this tenancy for a number of months and, is currently in the process of becoming a volunteer with Hope, to “give something back”.

Without the support of Hope, Ian believes that he would not have felt confident enough to move on into his own tenancy and he doubts he would have maintained that tenancy.

He said; “If it wasn’t for Hope I would probably still be on the streets. The staff are really approachable and I felt like I could put my trust in them to support me through a really tough time in my life.”