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HOPE’s current situation

HOPE’s current situation

We have recently had a comment from an individual who had been a supporter of HOPE, but feels that they no longer can going forward. HOPE wants to explain the current situation to our supporters.

Firstly, we would like to thank all supporters for your feedback, comments are always useful whether positive or negative and, we do seek to learn from them.

From Hope’s perspective we do agree that help for those who are homeless does only go so far. Despite recent legislative changes designed to include more, most of those who knock at our door have no alternative and, have been offered no accommodation by statutory services. So that, as far as we are able, with resources and people stretched to breaking point, we help all those we are able to. Our criteria is that we have a bed available (of which we only have 14 emergency beds in total), and that the individual doesn’t pose a risk to other residents, staff, volunteers nor the public. All of our residents, indeed all of our service users (we do help many drop in clients too), are vulnerable.

We do not turn anyone away because of eligibility to benefits. Only recently, we accommodated an individual who was from abroad who was ineligible for any kind of financial support. That “cost” was entirely borne by us, but I believe worthwhile as they left with a new home and a job. Nevertheless, most of those who seek help from us are from the local area (over 75% since January 2018 have been from Bassetlaw). We get no money from government. We have received none of the money that has been publicised as targeting those who are homeless, despite our best efforts. HOPE has to generate every penny it uses to provide services by; fundraising, grants and through its clothing shop.

It is not true to say that the majority of homeless people are substance abusers – less than 25% of our residents are. Although, it is recognised nationally that those who are sleeping rough are much more likely to turn to substances to get through the night, not really surprising.

We are sorry that you may feel unable to support Hope going forward, but HOPE completely understands your decision. Nonetheless, we do hope that you will continue to support other organisations who offer help to those who have nowhere to live, they like us, do need all the help they can muster.

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