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‘GF’s’ Case Study

‘GF’s’ Case Study

GF’s Success Case Study

*Name changed for anonymity purposes.

GF came to Hope Community Services as he and his child would be evicted from their home within two weeks. GF had accumulated rent arrears, due to being unable to find a smaller property for him and his child to live in and having to pay bedroom tax.

GF had found about an organisation called ‘Save the Family’ in Cheshire from a friend at the church he attended.

Hope Community Services supported GF to complete an application to ‘Save the Family’ and assisting him with the telephone interviews. Hope also contacted Social Services to ask that they if they could support this referral to ‘Save the Family’.

Their social worker was happy to do so, after Hope Community Services explained about the housing project GF wanted to move to. GF’s application was successful and with the help of a friend from church GF and his child has now started a new life.