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Housing Advice Service

HOPE’s Independent Housing Advice Service has continued to provide comprehensive support to inform and advise people, in order to retain, maintain and attain accommodation. It is a partnership with Nottinghamshire County Council, and only possible through their continued sponsorship.

Many people have benefited from this support, issues can be varied, complicated and pile on each other, such as; rent arrears, threat of eviction, loss of welfare benefits, unsuitable housing conditions, violence and harassment from others and problematic Landlords.

We provide Information, advice and guidance including clarifying tenants’ rights and responsibilities, as well as homelessness legislation, welfare benefits, addressing debt and housing options. We do work with a host of partners and liaise with other agencies. We do help clients to challenge decisions around homelessness and welfare benefits, and negotiate with Landlords.

The primary role of our Adviser is to prevent homelessness and assist clients to secure appropriate accommodation. Referrals are accepted directly from the general public, as well as a wide range of agencies and professionals. Advice and assistance is immediately accessible via our Advice Line – Worksop 531294 ext 30.

For more complex issues, our Adviser will provide support on a one-to-one basis by appointment at our Advice Office in Worksop. She is also able to provide outreach support for members of the public who are unable to access this service otherwise.

For those who have complex issues relating to their housing needs, our Adviser will develop a comprehensive support package, which can include referrals to various other agencies for specialist support, for example; assistance to address benefit and debt issues and referrals for tenancy support.

Our Adviser takes into account a wide range of difficulties a client may be experiencing, such as; mental health issues, learning disability, physical disability, or alcohol and/or drugs issues.

For a confidential chat, ring Christina Putland on

Worksop 531294, ext 30 or e.mail