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Emergency Accommodation

Hope’s direct Access Emergency Accommodation Hostel in Worksop is the only such facility in the County of Nottinghamshire.

We believe every person is entitled to the same opportunities regardless of their circumstance or background.

Hope also welcomes any pets clients may have in the Emergency Accommodation. We work with the Dogs Trust to ensure that any dogs that come into the EA are looked after suitably and have everything they need to be healthy and safe.

Hope House has become an essential part of life for many homeless people, providing shelter seven days a week, 365 days per year, since first opening its doors in November 2007.

What we offer

  • A safe environment
  • Clean bedding and towels
  • Hot drinks and meals
  • Advice and Support – to help people understand their rights and how the ‘system’ works
  • Shower and washing facilities & personal hygiene items (toothpaste, shampoo, and soap)
  • Storage of items – safely looking after personal belongings
  • Clothes – for those in need
  • A warm and welcoming atmosphere
  • Counselling services

We have regular group discussions – open forums to discuss the service and how things operate – for residents to influence and feedback, so we can constantly improve what we do.

We offer a complete support package for service users; encompassing everything from personal hygiene to re-housing advice. Our work is built on strong relationships with many agencies and support services. We also work incredibly hard on maintaining a successful relationship with the Police and Town Centre Wardens.

People come to us for many different reasons; relationship breakdowns, financial problems, mental ill-health, addiction for drugs or alcohol, or a history of offending. Whatever the reason, we don’t discriminate, we don’t judge.

Unfortunately, as much as we would like to, we cannot guarantee anyone a bed because we may not have the capacity. During the last year, we had 98% capacity. On average we had but a spare bed only one night on each week of the year.

No Second Night Out

This national commitment by agencies involved in homelessness has our complete support;

  • No one new to the streets should spend a second night out
  • No one should make their home on the streets
  • No one should return to the streets once they have been helped off of them, and
  • Ultimately no one should arrive on the streets.

If you know of someone sleeping rough, let us know either by Facebook or email or alternatively telephone Worksop 531294 or 489990.

By identifying the true number of rough sleepers we can work with all agencies to end rough sleeping in Bassetlaw.