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‘EL’ Case Study

‘EL’ Case Study

How Hope helped EL: A case study

 *Name changed for anonymity purposes.

EL came to Hope House as she was fleeing domestic violence. This was the only safe place she could find to stay.

She had lived in a shared house and her boyfriend stayed there with her. After another assault by him, she finally decided enough was enough and after speaking with Hope’s staff, left home with nothing but what she stood up in.

Hope gave her a bed and helped her to look forward.  EL was supported to go to the Council’s Housing Needs Team, who found her a private rented property and paid the bond on her behalf. Hope contacted the Landlord of her original home, who immediately ended that previous tenancy (therefore, preventing rent arrears).  We arranged for her belongings to be physically moved to the new property.  Additionally, we also supported her referral to Hope’s Furniture Project, to furnish her new accommodation.

If Hope had not been there – she would have had nowhere else to stay & been unable to flee the violent resident, at the very moment when she had plucked up the courage to do so.  She is likely to still be living in fear and being abused again and again.  Also, Hope were able to provide furnishings free-of-charge, so she had a somewhere to sleep, somewhere to sit and something to cook and prepare meals.