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Donate Food/Items to Hope Community Services

Our Mission

Working with our community to gather and distribute healthy emergency food to those in need and contribute to public awareness of the conditions that lead to food poverty.


To ensure those at risk have access to nutritious food and are treated with dignity.

Our Values

We believe collaboration is the best way to deal with social issues, volunteering is our strength and primary resource. We should be accountable to our community for the services we deliver. We are entrusted to be responsible and transparent stewards of goods donated. All people should be treated with compassion, dignity and understanding.


You can donate any items at anytime to Hope Community Services, for our Emergency Accommodation Hostel. To donate call Emma on 01909 531294 ext.29 or Charley on 01909 531294 ext.21. Alternatively, you can drop off any donations at our hostel. 11-13 Queen Street, Worksop

Thank you to everyone who already donates to us here at Hope! Your donations are very much appreciated and a great help.

donate food to HOPE

You can also donate other items to HOPE such as, bedding, clothing, and other essential items! We are always in need of the following:

Dish clothes, flannels, razors (men and women’s), shaving foam, socks, cutlery and soap.

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