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Chris’s Case Study

Chris, 32

Chris (not his real name) came to Hope in May 2015 after being hospitalised at Bassetlaw General.  In the run up to this, he had had a host of crises with which he could not deal nor see a way through.

Previous to his hospital stay, Chris had come to live in Worksop some years ago to be with his then partner, but when the relationship ended he was hit particularly hard – he had a nervous breakdown, as a result of this he lost his job and his home.  It was at this point, when at rock bottom without hope that he attempted to end it all.  He threw his passport, driving licence and bank card into the canal and was about to follow them, when the police arrived and took him to Ward B2 at Bassetlaw Hospital.

On discharge, Chris was referred to HOPE by his Mental Health Support Worker.  Chris settled into life at Hope and appeared to enjoy the general atmosphere and the company, he is a bright intelligent man with no alcohol or substance misuse issues.

Chris had been discharged from the hospital with no follow-on appointments, however, HOPE suggested he meet with their Counsellor, as a way of discussing his concerns and talking through his feelings, to be able to start to come to terms with his situation – to which he readily agreed.

Obviously feeling much better, Chris began to volunteer with HOPE, and took a particular interest in the garden, and made a really good job of pruning and getting the shrubs into shape.

HOPE staff met regularly with Chris and discussed the prospect of him moving-on to more settled accommodation but, initially he didn’t feel ready to progress. Although, after a few weeks more, and following a visit to HOPE’s move-on accommodation just a few streets away, he decided he was now ready to take the next step.  He still returns regularly to the hostel to volunteer in the garden, and continues to meet regularly with his counsellor.

Chris has now moved on to other private accommodation of his own.  His support needs have reduced considerably, he has turned his life around.  He did have offer of employment which, although he was really pleased to receive, he does not yet feel ready for this final step to independence.