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Rachel’s Case Study

Rachel (not her real name)

 When Rachel came to HOPE, she had been a regular drug user for some time, and the victim of domestic violence for many years.

It had always been Rachel’s desire to get off drugs, to get a job and to settle down to a normal life, but the trauma in her life had made achieving those things almost impossible.  HOPE offered her an opportunity….

After an initial stay at our Emergency Accommodation Hostel, Rachel was soon relocated to one of our move-on properties, and began a community drug reduction programme.  At the same time, we supported her to get a job working regular night shifts, in catering.  She was progressing well and worked extremely hard but, things from her past kept coming back to haunt her, she couldn’t manage to break-away.

Together, we decided that it would be better to move away from the Worksop area, to take her away from her past.  Rachel’s Keyworker supported her to identify a female-only project, where she could get the care and specialist support she needed to overcome her difficulties.

Rachel believes that HOPE was important as it identified the stepping stone she needed – the freedom to change.  Without this opportunity, she feels that she would probably have ended up sleeping rough on the streets of Worksop, unable to break-free and change her lifestyle.  She would have been even more vulnerable, and the destructive decline would have likely accelerated.

Rachel now believes that she has a chance to make something of her life; to build her strength, her willpower and her resilience to succeed, that which her period of hardship & challenge had taken away.  We believe that her past is behind her and her future is truly all before her.


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