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Noel’s Case Study




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When he was 15, Noel’s Mother asked him to leave the family home in Bircotes, so that he would not continue to disrupt the lives of everyone so markedly.  He moved to live with his cousin in the next village. Unfortunately, this did not last, so he secured other supported accommodation but, this too lasted only a few weeks.

In 2014, with nowhere else to go, he arrived at HOPE’s Emergency Accommodation Hostel in Worksop.  After a short while, he secured a job in Manchester, along with a shared tenancy in a privately rented house.

After only a few months, Noel lost the job in Manchester, which meant he could not afford the rent, and became homeless once again.  For the next year, he moved from place to place, sofa surfing, during which time he also returned to Worksop. Back in Bassetlaw, he could visit HOPE’s Day Services to access our various support mechanisms.  He was able to make phone calls and resolve a range of issues including; housing, benefits and employment.

During 2015, HOPE brokered support from “SOLAR” a housing support scheme which assisted him with a bond and rent-in-advance to try to secure his own accommodation locally.  This enabled him to approach local private rented properties, where he pays his own rent and all his bills.  He did so in summer and has been there successfully for 4 months.

For Noel, this was possible because he now has a full time job with a permanent contract at Rototek at Shireoaks Triangle. He has passed his driving test and has bought a car to be able to get to work. He would like to buy a house, as it will be more cost effective for him to pay a mortgage in the future.

Noel would like to go back to his family home in rural north Nottinghamshire, which would enable him to save the deposit for his own house. He is hoping that his Mum will now let him return, as he has matured and stopped his previous bad behaviour, that which made it previously impossible for him to continue living in the house originally, with his Mum and 2 younger brothers.