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‘Nigels’ Case Study

Nigel’s Success Case Study

Nigel is now 21, has a full-time job, a moped and a home. When he was 17 his relationship with family broke down and he was asked to leave home.  So, in 2011, he presented at HOPE’s Emergency Accommodation Hostel, for those in crisis and with nowhere to live.

Later in 2011, he left the hostel to sofa-surf with friends.  He quickly found a shared private tenancy until 2014, when the property became unfit in which to live, and went back to sofa-surf with friends.

Since 2011, Nigel continued to access the advice and support services of HOPE – to resolve benefit issues, and to help identify potential jobs (he did secure several jobs (via agencies) during this time).

In October 2014, Claire Robinson of HOPE’s Crisis Support Team, helped Nigel access SOLAR – a scheme run through Mansfield District Council (which unfortunately is no longer available to Bassetlaw residents). He was accepted to this support scheme which was able to help overcome the usual hurdles of some Private Landlords – an up-front bond, rent in advance and Administration fee’s, and together they found a suitable and affordable property.

At round the same time, with Claire’s help he secured full-time employment, got a moped on a payment plan (as the part of Bassetlaw he would be living had poor public transport), to ensure he could get to work.



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