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Michael’s Case Study

Michael (not his real name) worked at a local Glass manufacturer for over 20 years and was made redundant in 1994, at which time he decided to take up an opportunity in London.

In London, Michael worked as a Railway Maintenance Engineer for the next 19 years until March 2013, when he was once again made redundant. However, unlike previously, this was very sudden and he received no notice.  Without a job, he could not afford to stay in London and so decided to return to his family in north Nottinghamshire.

On arriving in Worksop, Michael had no-where to live. Temporarily, he stayed with his daughter, but after around 6 months and with there already being 3 young children in a small house, the overcrowding affected everyone and he decided to look elsewhere.

Michael has always been someone who worked and, throughout this period, he continued to apply for jobs and try to find a position.  He was in the no-win situation that without a job, he could not get his own place, as private landlords prefer those in work.

It was at this point that Michael came across HOPE Community Services.  In September 2013, he moved into their hostel and, as he had few intensive support needs, he was able to quickly move-on to one of HOPE’s shared houses in Worksop, and then into his own rented flat.

During his time with HOPE, Michael decided it was time to review where he was going and to refocus for the future – look to develop his skills and experience and how they could help him change career.  Michael took advantage of the education and training support in literacy & numeracy that is available to all HOPE residents.  He progressed on to North Nott’s College and their accredited Computing Studies Programme, successfully achieving three short-courses; “Social Care in the Community”, “Community Care” and “Community Mental Health”.

With these successes under his belt, Michael could apply for roles available locally, which previously would have been impossible.  After a short period of searching, he got a full-time role in Residential Care – providing supported living for clients who have limited individual capacity (due to for example, mental health issues or learning disability).

The first 6 months have gone excellently, the initial probationary period completed and specific work based training successfully passed. He is certainly looking forward to a bright and positive future.

Michael said; “Throughout my time with HOPE, they have provided a range of advice and support to help me to get to where I now am.  They took me in when I had no-where else to go, they supported me to move on and helped me to find private rented accommodation. When I had difficulties paying them my rent, to be able to pay the bond and rent in advance for the private sector move, they worked with me to set-up an affordable payment plan.  Without this, I would not have been able to move-on into my flat. They were also able to provide me with donated furniture to ensure I had the necessities for my new home.”

“If HOPE had not supported me, I’m not sure where I would be now – I would probably have remained on the street sleeping rough and, would not have had the means or the motivation to return to college and start a new career at 58.  When you have no-where to live, all you can focus upon is where you will be that night!”

I am now very happy and settled in my flat and with a new career which is more than a job.”