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Matthews Case Study


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Over the last few years, Matthew (not his real name) has stayed at HOPE’s Emergency Accommodation Hostel on numerous occasions, between sofa-surfing with family and friends and having a period in Prison.  His behaviour could, at times, be quite challenging.  Unfortunately, his mental health was problematic and, alongside his drug use, would prevent him from being able to sustain any permanent accommodation.  Invariably, he would end up being asked to leave, and return again to HOPE’s hostel.

HOPE provided him with somewhere to sleep, when no-one else would.  And, we provided a base for him to obtain various medical assessments, and engage with other professional services – without an address, this had often been a major barrier.

Throughout his periods of challenging behaviour and drug misuse, private landlords would not accept him into their accommodation.  But HOPE continued to support him to deal with his issues and as he progressed and improved, helped him to look at his options.

Earlier this year, he began to see his eldest child, something missing for many years. He also recently became a grandparent and is feeling much happier and more optimistic about his future.

Matthew is now much more stable, he is off drugs and has his own supported accommodation. In July 2015, he returned to thank HOPE’s staff for their support. He fully intends to go to college in September.