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Ian.M Case Study

Ian.M’s Case Study

-We have been given permission to use his real name.

Ian became homeless in 2011, when the pub he managed in St Helen’s closed down. Friends within Worksop invited him to stay on their sofa for a month or so, until one day he noticed a poster within his GP surgery about Hope Community Services. In the past Ian had volunteered for Hope Community Services, so he made an appointment to meet with their Housing advisor.

Ian was supported to move to Martin House at Hodthorpe (Hope’s Move-On Accommodation), in February 2011 by his housing advisor. He now currently has a flat at Martin House, where he lives with his two cats-who he cherishes and adores.

Since living at Martin House, he has made friends with other tenants. When his health allows him to he does voluntary work with Hope, Royal British Legion and Help for Heroes.

Ian now volunteers for Hope Community Services on a regular basis, as well as attending regular training courses.


Ian with his cats  IMG_3008


(Ian above with his two cats)