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Andrea’s Case Study

Andrea’s Case Study

Andrea (not her real name) became homeless when she lost her job and was unable to afford the rent for her room.

Originally from East Europe, Andrea had no family to rely on for support, and her limited English made it difficult to negotiate the benefits system.  She also had health issues that were concerning her.

HOPE gave Andrea a bed as part of the cold weather provision that we offer during the winter months, and was able to support her in getting a GP to look into her health issues and also to give her a safe place whilst she looked for a job.  Once she got a job, Hope then helped her with finding more permanent accommodation, and she eventually moved into a room into a shared house.

Hope was important to Andrea because without our service, she would have ended up sleeping rough on the streets in the middle of winter as she had nowhere else to go, and no income to enable her to secure her own accommodation. She stated that she was very thankful for all our help and relieved to now have a job and somewhere to live.