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‘Alan’ Case Study

‘Alan’ Case Study

Case study for ‘Alan’

*Name changed for anonymity purposes

Alan is a 26 year old originally from Northern Ireland. Alan came to Hope in 2012, after leaving the Army 4 years previously. He had suffered abuse at the hands of his family, who turned their back on him, due to the fact that he had joined the British Army.

During his time in the Army, Alan toured Afghanistan 3 times as a Medical Driver. However, after sessions with his Support Worker, it soon became apparent that he was experiencing symptoms of post-traumatic stress.

As time progressed, he opened up more and more, and greatly welcomed the support offered to him by Hope. Along with assistance from SAFA and the Royal British Legion, Hope supported him to attain a property through A1 Housing (Bassetlaw District Council).

Alan has now started a college course in Physical Therapy, furthering his education and helping to build confidence. Even now, he keeps in contact with Hope staff and remains extremely positive about the experience.