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Monthly Archives: June 2016

Beeston Hop Brewery donates to HOPE

Beeston Hop Brewery donates to HOPE…

Hope Community Services would like to thank Beeston Hop Brewery for their donation of £120. Beeston Hop is an artisan brewery, located in Nottingham run by John Richardson.
The donation will go towards helping HOPE’s support services, which they provide to those in need through Worksop and Bassetlaw.
John has said “I believe very strongly in equality and social justice, and object in the strongest possible terms to the way that our current government is systematically dismantling the welfare state in Britain. Their policies result in a lot of people being left out in the cold who need immediate support.”
HOPE are extremely thankful for this very generous donation. All donations large or small help HOPE provide the vital support services needed for those in crisis. To find out how to support HOPE call 01909 531294.ext29 or email:

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Beeston Hop is an artisan brewery, located in Nottingham. Always unfined, unfiltered and unpasteurised, our beers are suitable for vegans (unless indicated). You can view their website here:


CEO of HOPE completes Coast to Coast Walk

Coasting along….  20 Years & still going 2016 is Hope’s 20th year of helping those with nowhere to live.  I am sure that when we opened, no one expected that we’d still be around after two decades.  Unfortunately and yes, it is regrettable that we are and, that we are needed now more than everContinue Reading

Ian of attended tribute for Squadron Leader

Ian of HOPE attended community tribute for Squadron Leader Service user of HOPE Community Services Ian Middleton attended the community tribute for Squadron Leader Wladyshaw Jan Nowak. Leader Wkadyshaw Jan Nowak was the first polish pilot to shoot down an enemy aircraft at night. Ian attended the memorial as a standard bearer. Ian used to beContinue Reading

HOPE to host 20th Anniversary Charity Ball

On Friday the 2nd of September, HOPE will be holding its 20th Anniversary Charity Ball, from 6.00pm until 12.00 mid night, at The Lion Hotel on Bridge Street in Worksop. The ball will celebrate our time as the local charity for homeless people.  Join us for an evening of great entertainment, stimulating live music andContinue Reading