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Monthly Archives: January 2016

Volunteers to do 24hour sponsored fishing for HOPE

Volunteers to do 24hour sponsored fishing for HOPE

Volunteers of HOPE Wayne and Ash will be undertaking a 24 hour sponsored fishing event on February the 2nd/3rd to help raise awareness and funds for Hope Community Services. They have chosen to undertake this cold, long and challenging event in aid of HOPE’s 20th anniversary.  Both Ash and Wayne volunteer at HOPE’s Worksop Furniture Project, located on Carlton Road.

Retail Manager of HOPE Jo has said “I am really proud of Ash and Wayne, for offering to undertake such as challenge, to help raise awareness and funds for us. This year is a big year for HOPE, as it marks 20 years since we first opened. I want to wish them to very best of luck, and hope that they manage to catch lots of fish”.

To sponsor, or for more information, you can contact HOPE’s Development Worker Emma on 01909 531294 ext.29

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Emma skydive blog

      So I wanted to share with you all my experience of yesterday, so I have written a blog 🙂   When I woke up that morning I was like, oh my god! Today is the day I am jumping out of a plane at 15,000ft. What am I thinking?! I don’t thinkContinue Reading

Emma’s skydiving success for HOPE’s 20 years

Emma’s skydiving success for HOPE’s 20 years On Thursday 21st January Emma did a tandem skydive for Worksop charity Hope Community Services at Skydive Langar, British Parachute School. The skydive took place that morning, with Emma geared up and ready to go for 10am. Emma said “The 15 minute fly up there was the worst.Continue Reading

Goodbye 2015…… Hello 2016 for HOPE

    Goodbye 2015…… Hello 2016 for HOPE   How have we done at HOPE? Well, what a year it’s been! Its only when you look back that you can see what’s been achieved.  With the benefit of hindsight, it’s amazing what our small team has been able to do, especially if we compare it toContinue Reading

Staff member skydives for HOPE for 20th anniversary

Staff member skydives for HOPE’s 20th anniversary Development Officer Emma Longmore, who has worked for HOPE for almost 2 years now has decided to conquer one of her biggest fears…heights! Emma will be doing a tandem skydive on Thursday the 21st of January in order to raise vital funds for Hope Community Services, a localContinue Reading

20 Years and counting

  20 Years and counting… 2016 is Hope’s 20th year helping those without a home Alan Diggles, Hope’s CEO said; “20 years is a real milestone for any organisation, for one like HOPE, which works with those in real hardship, it is hugely significant.  Whilst we never envisaged being around for this long, while everContinue Reading